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Win or lose it’s a choice

Never in the history of firearm ownership have firearm organisations won a sustained victory over gun control.  There is no country in the world that has less strict firearm laws than it did fifty years ago.

The future of firearm ownership deserves a bit more than that from firearm organisations who have nothing of value to show anyone for their effort.


Not once have firearm organisations ever seen a need to examine their failure or bothered to try not to repeat the reasons and mistakes why they fail.  Firearm organisations have absolutely no idea of why they fail.

Firearm organisations polarise and split firearm owners into two groups and the divide and rule principle applies.  As long as these two groups are willing to fight each other nothing else will be achieved.  Firearm organisations pretend they are doing something worthwhile but instead they send in the lawyers to do their fighting for them.  When the lawyers lose it is falsely claimed by organisations that they did the best they can and lost, there is nothing anyone can do, accept this law, you can still own guns….

The two groups are exact opposites, one group is firmly opposed to gun control.  The other accepts gun control in some form or the other, at some level which is undefined and unknown not even to themselves.

One group has no hesitation in rejecting gun control that cannot be justified.  The other wants to discuss ways of accepting controls or what and how much they think they can accept, this time.

There can be no co-operation between these two groups, they are opposites, they will fight to the end.  In principle you have objection and resistance vs collaboration and submission.

The sad part is that firearm organisations accept gun control‘s view.  Urging firearm owners to be “reasonable”, give up fighting claiming those who object will destroy any hope of victory and must comply with the demands of unjustified gun control laws.  That fighting and objection gives firearm owners a bad name and and will destroy any hope we have of gaining governments approval or recognition.  Firearm owners are told it is useless to fight, that it is impossible to win and that nothing can be done by anyone. Just accept that it is hopeless and accept what government hands out.

The result of this acceptance is a total demoralisation of all firearm owners and the total destruction of any hope of ever gaining any real victory for firearm ownership.  An incredibly stupid and self defeating strategy that removes all opposition and hope that firearm owners once had.  No faith can or will ever be placed in cowardice and a deliberate choice to appease injustice and beg for mercy.

It takes brave people to stand up to injustice and cowards prefer to run and hide but leaders have no excuse.