Gun Control Debate

In America, gun control debate is nothing but a battle between the public safety and personal freedom. For the second amendment, there were no restrictions for about 160 years. The second amendment guarantees that the people have the right to bear and keep arms. However, the Americans started to proscribe and the debate started to extent for this right in the year 1934, particularly in the last 4 decades. In the American history, the 1934 national firearms act is the first restriction act on the gun rights. As an outcome of this act, the fully automated weapons are provided to the owner only after checking their background completely.


In 1968, due to the introduction of federal act of gun control, the “gun control” term has gained a new meaning. This act was sanctioned by two most important political assassinations, Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy. As per this act, a unique serial number is provided to each gun that is carried forever by the original gun purchaser. In addition to this, the convicted felons are prohibited to become a gun ownership, as a result of 1990s amendment. As per this amendment, during the sales time, purchaser’s criminal background check is needed. Even though all the gun control legislations are ruled by the 1968 federal act, but still certain states are using their own gun control legislation. Individual states are using the concealed weapons or transporting the weapon based on their certain level of restrictions. This restriction level varies for different states. Regarding the restriction level, the Illinois and New York seemed to be the most restrictive, while the Texas and Arizona seems to be most relaxed.

The gun control debate is in the form of 1994 assault weapons ban, in its latest incarnation. At which the congress fails to uphold in its newest session. The semi-automatic assault weapon, which is manufactured after the year 1994, is prohibited for sale by the law. The opponents of this ban said that it imposed very confusing classification systems, was too restrictive as well as provide little effects on controlling the violet crime, while the supporters claimed that it help to keep the violent weapon out of the street. Some group of people claims that the well armed people can able to protect themselves from crime and also ensure personal safety. While other group of people feels that this wide spread of gun ownership results in increasing crime rates and also leads to negative results both in terms of private and public.

The main reason behind the usage of gun in certain neighborhood is due to the threat to the society from unemployed youth, mentally challenged and drug addicts adults and children. Even though there are many advantages in using the gun but the gun in wrong hand leads to harmful problems to the society and social security. It is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the world to determine whether using the arms is good to our society or not.