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living in peace

We all want to live in peace having the safety and freedom we deserve because anything less is not life but misery and slavery.

We do not choose misery or slavery as a way of life, not under any circumstances because we know that there is no future in it.

Why then do we succumb to con-artists and slick sales of stuff we don’t need or want?  Who has not met the persistent insurance sales person or the opportunity of a life-time holiday plan or time-share scheme?

gun control

Why then do we succumb to bogus promises of peace and safety by con-artists claiming that if we comply with the Firearms Control Act we will be safe and can live in peace?  Why do we believe the exact same people who have made no effort to help those deprived of their safety,  security and firearms, 700,000 of them.  If they did not help those who needed help why is their bad example and useless advice now seen as having any use or value?

It is quite obvious that the firearms control act was not introduced to further firearms ownership.  This is made quite clear by the preamble which clearly states it is intended to drastically reduce firearm ownership.  There is no ambiguity, no mistake and 10 years later this act has make its promoters proud of the results.
50% of firearm owners have by police estimates been removed.  A success that would not have been possible without the help, aid and collaboration of the organisations which had as a first mandate the duty to protect all firearm owners rights.
SAGA(South African Gun owners Association) so embarrassed by this fact has removed the words “protecting your rights” from its advertising and now claims it is a gun safety organisation.  Instead of apologising for the unforgivable delinquency of collecting membership fees under false pretences SAGA boasts of what it has done to collaborate with police and repair and improve a hardly-functional, non implementable millstone around police necks.
1000 police members do nothing but shuffle gun control paperwork each day in a country with an astronomical crime and murder rate.  All SAGA wants is more money spent, more man-hours and more staff to make firearm owners unhappy about delays and arbitrary decisions happy.  Oppressive unjustified gun control laws are embraced, accepted as valid and must be complied with and the only problem SAGA has is administrative delays and bad decisions.

The questions all good citizens should ask is where does it end?  What is the purpose of this act?  Should we become elitists sacrificing and trampling over all others in the belief we will survive because we collaborated and agreed with this law and sacrificed all who opposed?  Where has appeasement and collaboration with oppression and injustice worked to gain anything but scorn, contempt and loss?

When they come for the elitists guns and our safety, security and peace there will be nobody left who will or want to help elitists, cowards and collaborators who have sacrificed all.  Most certainly not from those they have sacrificed, turning their back on others need guarantees that. If you are willing to sacrifice others why would they or anyone else what to help such a person?  Would you help such a person if you were in their place?

Our lives, safety, freedom and future come at a cost.  If we would enjoy them then we have to value and protect those rights from all incursions. We have to take back what we have foolishly given away and make sure we are never again tempted to fall prey to con-artists and slick sales talk

The holy grail of firearm ownership

Some of the most important aspects of continued firearm ownership are.

  • People who will protect those rights, all of them no matter what. Which  excuse will you accept for not protecting your rights?
  • People who respect and understand at all times that firearm ownership has responsibilities that go far beyond just being a “safe” sport,  “filling the pot” or is a luxury that has occasional uses for self defence.  Firearm ownership has rights that need protection.
  • Organisations which are not motivated by filling membership lists and gathering money and protect those rights to the fullest and never stop.
  • Organisations which protect our property and protect our rights as the most valuable thing we have. They are ours until we give them up or give them away.


Firearm ownership or support of firearm ownership is a first requirement to make any firearm organisations existence possible.  Protection of the right to ownership is a prime mandate of any firearm organisation.

It is essential for people who join an organisation to ensure the organisations does what is wanted and expected in protecting and forwarding those rights.  To expect and demand those rights be protected to the fullest at all times.  Silence and inaction is acceptance and acceptance of any wrong is the first step to defeat.

This  protective function of all firearm organisations is vital to continued firearm ownership.  It includes the public image of firearm owners.  Gun control attacks our public image, we need to protect it.

What is your holy grail of firearm ownership?  Who is looking after your rights?  You, firearm organisations or government?  Do you subcontract your rights, property and safety to government or incompetent organisations that don’t care?  Do you care enough and values your rights to invest a small amount of your time in protecting your rights and the public image of firearm ownership?