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living in peace

We all want to live in peace having the safety and freedom we deserve because anything less is not life but misery and slavery.

We do not choose misery or slavery as a way of life, not under any circumstances because we know that there is no future in it.

Why then do we succumb to con-artists and slick sales of stuff we don’t need or want?  Who has not met the persistent insurance sales person or the opportunity of a life-time holiday plan or time-share scheme?

gun control

Why then do we succumb to bogus promises of peace and safety by con-artists claiming that if we comply with the Firearms Control Act we will be safe and can live in peace?  Why do we believe the exact same people who have made no effort to help those deprived of their safety,  security and firearms, 700,000 of them.  If they did not help those who needed help why is their bad example and useless advice now seen as having any use or value?

It is quite obvious that the firearms control act was not introduced to further firearms ownership.  This is made quite clear by the preamble which clearly states it is intended to drastically reduce firearm ownership.  There is no ambiguity, no mistake and 10 years later this act has make its promoters proud of the results.
50% of firearm owners have by police estimates been removed.  A success that would not have been possible without the help, aid and collaboration of the organisations which had as a first mandate the duty to protect all firearm owners rights.
SAGA(South African Gun owners Association) so embarrassed by this fact has removed the words “protecting your rights” from its advertising and now claims it is a gun safety organisation.  Instead of apologising for the unforgivable delinquency of collecting membership fees under false pretences SAGA boasts of what it has done to collaborate with police and repair and improve a hardly-functional, non implementable millstone around police necks.
1000 police members do nothing but shuffle gun control paperwork each day in a country with an astronomical crime and murder rate.  All SAGA wants is more money spent, more man-hours and more staff to make firearm owners unhappy about delays and arbitrary decisions happy.  Oppressive unjustified gun control laws are embraced, accepted as valid and must be complied with and the only problem SAGA has is administrative delays and bad decisions.

The questions all good citizens should ask is where does it end?  What is the purpose of this act?  Should we become elitists sacrificing and trampling over all others in the belief we will survive because we collaborated and agreed with this law and sacrificed all who opposed?  Where has appeasement and collaboration with oppression and injustice worked to gain anything but scorn, contempt and loss?

When they come for the elitists guns and our safety, security and peace there will be nobody left who will or want to help elitists, cowards and collaborators who have sacrificed all.  Most certainly not from those they have sacrificed, turning their back on others need guarantees that. If you are willing to sacrifice others why would they or anyone else what to help such a person?  Would you help such a person if you were in their place?

Our lives, safety, freedom and future come at a cost.  If we would enjoy them then we have to value and protect those rights from all incursions. We have to take back what we have foolishly given away and make sure we are never again tempted to fall prey to con-artists and slick sales talk

Arguments for Gun Control and Firearms

Several federal laws have being enacted to promote the regulation of firearms and ammunitions since 1934. Congress is still debating on the efficacy and the constitutionality of these federal laws; this has raised several arguments for gun control and against gun control.

Many a time, crime and morality statistics are used when it comes to dealing with the debates on arguments for gun control. For instance the number of murders committed per year, with a gun, by people within the age range of 14-24 years, increased at a rate of 173% from the year 1985 to the year 1993 and later, it went down by around 47% from the year 1993 to the year 1999.

One of the common arguments for gun control is that it helps to reduce the ability of criminals, juveniles, kidnappers, bandits etc to own or posses a gun, firearms and ammunition. These advocates for gun control argue that the availability of guns can be successfully reduced only by strict federal measures. Some also argue that there should be a registration of all guns and firearms and also the owners.

The two most important federal enactments supporting the arguments for gun control are the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934. the 1968 Act prohibits or forbids the inter state sales of guns and mail order sales, it also limits access to new guns, firearms and ammunition weapons and also established licensing requirement and penalties for manufactures, dealers and importers, but the Brady Handgun Prevention Act of 1993 is the law in support of the possession of guns and firearms for the purpose of self defense but only within the environment of the house.

About 30 percent of a typical American household own a gun, this most certainly increases the rate of homicides and suicides in the society. It is not only having a maniac randomly shooting people that is a threat; the fact that there is a gun in a household is also a threat a family member can use it to perpetrate one crime or the other, which is why a lot of people are in support of the implementation of strict federal measures of gun control with penalties if anyone goes against the law. Federal government should insist and ensure that citizens comply with and adhere to those gun control laws, to reduce the rate of gun related deaths and make the society safe for citizens.

Why gun control – It’s good, bad and importance?

Nowadays people ask why gun control? And there is no easy answer to convenience them all of a sudden. You might have heard that there is lot of discussion happening between gun control advocates and gun rights advocates in the recent times and the issue is expected to split the entire US nation into two parts. While 50 percent of the public are going against passing laws for gun control, about 45 percent of people say they want bill to pass to mandate some gun control laws. A recent survey conducted reveals that there is considerable decrease in the people opposing gun control.

gun control

Why gun control is good?

  • By controlling guns, the police are allowed to investigate the civilian cases to the most without the intervention of other civilians who are probable gun owners.
  •  In majority of gun defenses related to civilians no shot is fired and hence guns are treated unnecessary (in 98% of times).
  • Gun control is good because most of the drug dealers and city gangs use guns and other firearms illegally.
  • By controlling guns we can reduce the crime rate to the minimum level possible.

Why gun control is bad?

With people expressing different views on gun control, it is found bad for half of the US residents. Let’s see why gun control is bad. People say if gun control is more then there is reduction in the related crimes as less number of guns is used. Some gun rights advocates say that gun control is against the constitution and they term gun control laws as unconstitutional laws. Every individual has right to own arms for self defense so that they can protect themselves at the time of emergency. By allowing gun control laws, people are disassociated themselves with one of their fundamental rights and is not acceptable at all. Any fundamental right should be expressed to the fullest possible and same thing holds good here also.

Some people also say gun control is very important because it helps to create the safer environment among the people by restricting them from possible crimes all the time. About 5 percent of people not sure about whether gun control laws are good or bad. They say, at one or the other point of time gun control laws are required so that people understand their boundaries but it should not restrict them all the time. Anyway don’t cross your boundary!!

Arguments and reasons to be against gun control

Generally people say that gun control is a good initiative so that we can reduce the crime rate but in reality it is making people to conduct more crime. Gun control is all about restricting the production, delivery and ownership of guns. Over the years gun control became a big issue and number of people against gun control is rising steadily. The more you know about guns and fundamental rights of individuals, more you oppose the gun control. Gun control is the most common social issue that every American is facing nowadays. According to the recent estimation, about 223 million people inUnited States own guns. Like any other issue even gun control has some pros and cons associated with it. The people, who believe in gun control say it will save lives and protect the society and those don’t believe, oppose it.

against gun control

Here are some arguments against gun control

Increases crime: it is one of the most discussed topics in the recent times. The people who oppose gun control say it is possible to prevent crime by allowing guns to work everywhere otherwise the crime rate will go on increase. They say guns should talk not the person at the place of crime.

Second amendment: The second amendment made to the ‘bill of rights’, give rights to private citizens to bear arms and no one has the right to take away from the citizens. This clearly shows citizens can own guns and no one can argue it unless the person used it for illegal activity.

Bad history: most of the history reports clearly show that a person has all the rights to hold a gun for self defense. This is also proved by various political regimes. So why to go against gun? Instead go against gun control.

Some experts say even if you own a gun it is not possible to reduce violence all the time. There are different reasons why people get killed and gun could be just one of the reasons for it. Since you have rights to own a gun, use it but for good reasons. The fight between gun control and legalization is just a false statement and the actual war is happening between government and private weapon control. In a free social environment, controlling weapons and going against gun control are all different means of peace. Understand your rights and ownership and fight for it.

Effect of gun control laws on crime

Today we can see that crime rate is increasing without any limits. When a person moves out of his house there is no guarantee that he/she will return back safely. Kidnappers have started to initiate their activities by making use of guns to afraid the people. Most of the time robbery is done making use of guns which make the people to give what ever they are having. To stop all these activities legislature has passed gun control laws with a hope that the crimes will be stopped.

gun control laws

Keep in mind that, in most of the cases these activities are not done by the common people.  They will have a greater links to get the guns for their activities. Government has to find the personals who are sitting behind the scene of all these activities. After enforcing gun control laws most of the common man has lost the authority to keep the gun for their safety measures. This has made the criminals activities very easy and after the amendment of these laws, instead of crime rate going down, there was a further increase in the crime rate. Government has to keep in mind that the law will be obliged by the common man but not by the criminals. For not following the strict laws, they are called as criminals. So instead of making the common man handicap without the option of gun for their safety they have to find the reason behind all these activities.

As an example if we consider WashingtonDCwhere the gun control laws were amended in the year 1976, the next year the murder rates increased to the rate of 134%. When there is less opposition from the people there will be more crime. So government has to find the root cause for the criminal activities. Some of the crimes happen from the people to get money because of poverty. Some of them do it without knowing after getting drugs. So strict rules has to be made to empower the people with some money making work. They have to make strict rules on preventing drug transportation which not only decreases crime but also helps the teen students to improve in their education. Strict rules have to be made by not allowing the gun to get into the hands of teen students. They have to be made aware of the situations very well. Public should be given the option to have guns in their houses for the safety purpose instead of making them poor in crime situation by the gun control laws.

The gun control term indicates the efforts

The gun control term indicates the efforts, most frequently on the part of administration, for controlling or regulating the sales of guns. It also covers various regulations and rules for using the gun, along with their usage limitations for the distribution and ownership.  Gun control is an important issue, which divides the society into two parts not only in the US, but also in many places of the world. In the gun control debate, those who are supporting this issues claims that the juveniles  and criminals can never able to access these weapons, while the people who are against this issue claims that the these restrictions are only followed by the law-abiding citizen and not by the criminals. Even, some of the people argue that this issue violates the constitutional rights.

Today, many argue that the usage of fire arms results in reducing juveniles and criminals. But some argues that this leads to increase in number of criminals. Actually, the need for gun control in our society is due to the threat to the society caused by many unemployed youth, mentally challenged and drug addicts children and adults. But, however, the gun in the wrong person can change any peaceful community. But still, they have been certain restrictions are there for different states in using the gun for their own purposes. Before using the gun, the background of the owners must be thoroughly checked in order to determine whether he can make use of the gun for good purpose.

The ownership of all the firearms as well as the number of manufactured arms are to be checked stringently. The collection of relevant and significant social costs, constitutional barriers and also more number of comprehensive policies are used to allow the law enforcer to maintain a tab on the illegitimate firearm ownership and ownership transfers, bulk and individual. This results in deep checking of the institutions and the individuals, who are working in favor of criminal acts. The effective measures of gun control are the boon for strengthening the constitutional rights and law- abiding citizens.

For getting the gun, the federal law requires strict registration requirements, in addition to transfer tax on short-barreled long gun and machine guns. The interstate sales and mail order sales of firearms are also prohibited. Transferring the arms to the minor are banned by the government, this limits the accessing to assault weapon. In order to check for illegal transferring, the dealers and manufacturers must provide a stringent license. If more number of people started to carry and use the guns, then this also results in increased injuries and deaths from the weapon. Each and every citizen has responsibility to determine whether using the gun is very helpful to our society or not. It has been observed that if a law-abiding citizen has a gun, then they can able to handle the criminals by facing them directly, which results in reducing criminal rates. But still, if the criminal use the gun then it results in worst condition.