The gun control term indicates the efforts

The gun control term indicates the efforts, most frequently on the part of administration, for controlling or regulating the sales of guns. It also covers various regulations and rules for using the gun, along with their usage limitations for the distribution and ownership.  Gun control is an important issue, which divides the society into two parts not only in the US, but also in many places of the world. In the gun control debate, those who are supporting this issues claims that the juveniles  and criminals can never able to access these weapons, while the people who are against this issue claims that the these restrictions are only followed by the law-abiding citizen and not by the criminals. Even, some of the people argue that this issue violates the constitutional rights.

Today, many argue that the usage of fire arms results in reducing juveniles and criminals. But some argues that this leads to increase in number of criminals. Actually, the need for gun control in our society is due to the threat to the society caused by many unemployed youth, mentally challenged and drug addicts children and adults. But, however, the gun in the wrong person can change any peaceful community. But still, they have been certain restrictions are there for different states in using the gun for their own purposes. Before using the gun, the background of the owners must be thoroughly checked in order to determine whether he can make use of the gun for good purpose.

The ownership of all the firearms as well as the number of manufactured arms are to be checked stringently. The collection of relevant and significant social costs, constitutional barriers and also more number of comprehensive policies are used to allow the law enforcer to maintain a tab on the illegitimate firearm ownership and ownership transfers, bulk and individual. This results in deep checking of the institutions and the individuals, who are working in favor of criminal acts. The effective measures of gun control are the boon for strengthening the constitutional rights and law- abiding citizens.

For getting the gun, the federal law requires strict registration requirements, in addition to transfer tax on short-barreled long gun and machine guns. The interstate sales and mail order sales of firearms are also prohibited. Transferring the arms to the minor are banned by the government, this limits the accessing to assault weapon. In order to check for illegal transferring, the dealers and manufacturers must provide a stringent license. If more number of people started to carry and use the guns, then this also results in increased injuries and deaths from the weapon. Each and every citizen has responsibility to determine whether using the gun is very helpful to our society or not. It has been observed that if a law-abiding citizen has a gun, then they can able to handle the criminals by facing them directly, which results in reducing criminal rates. But still, if the criminal use the gun then it results in worst condition.