Obama Gun Control

Obama gun control rules restrict the freedom of gun owners

Ever since Barak Obama taken oath as president of United States of America, he was largely explored as an anti-gun president. He is known for implementing various anti-gun policies that can effectively impose restrictions on usage of guns. Obama gun control even opposes the second amendment right that mainly deals with keep and bear arms. The Obama administration made clear that the gun control is at the top of its agenda and all necessary actions will be taken to permanently reinstate the guns which are used illegally. If you think that everyone is surprised from his statement then you are totally wrong because everyone is well known about his anti-gun history.

Obama gun control

Obama addressed in a campaign that ‘lawful owners of gun need not to fear’ and you can take my word into the account and the same person is quoted as saying ban on handguns went beyond the constitutional limits. All these statements from the president make sure that the Obama gun control strategies are taking the place from root and there is no doubt about it. Under the governance of Obama, the federal government is able to come up with a strong anti- gun policy that can be termed as a ‘stimulus’ to the government power. Some newspapers report that the ‘assault weapon’ ban was accepted without giving enough time for legislators to review it.

Obama gun control mainly focuses on the HR 2640 disarmament law. According to the research team lead by congressional research service, about 140,000 veterans were disarmed with the help of federal code interpretation. The same disarmament law holds good for all the citizens ofUSA. Because of his anti-gun policy, Obama is under fire from opposite political parties and some legislators. Right now, the white house is studying some new regulations and proposals of gun control and is expected to implement the same. All the proposals and ideas will be considered and the final decision will be taken.

Robert Gibbs, the spokesperson of white house said, the Obama gun control is consistently supported and same thing will be implemented in the coming days. He also said that renewing of assault weapon ban is a distant talk and all the proposals are designed to stop mental people using the gun to the maximum extent possible. Some experts say that assault weapon ban is a result of mass shootings in various parts of the country.