The right to arms

How important is the right to arms? The first thing the NP government
did was deny blacks the right to firearm ownership for good reason. The
NP did not want to face armed angry blacks. Governments throughout the
world have done the same for the same reason. They do not want to face
angry armed citizens.


The one thing 15 years of studying gun control has taught me is that
firearm owners are on the losing side, yet somehow have not woken up to
that fact and bothered to ask why. Nowhere in the world are there less
restrictive laws than there were 50 years ago. An undeniable fact. Not
one single firearm organisation in the world is in the least concerned
or interested in the safety, security and freedom of citizens including
its own members and potential members.


I have seen many say join us, do that but not one say lets examine why
we fail and fail we and they have many, many times. Others say well so
and so are the experts do what they say. How’s that plan working so far
assuming you know what this undisclosed plan is? History proves it is
not working and you cannot argue against verifiable history.


Can one sum up firearm organisations strategy or “plan” in a few words.
They fight by proxy sending in the lawyers to fight for them and give up
when the lawyers lose. Then they make excuses and lie indoctrinating
members, supporters and firearm owners with “we did the best we could
and failed, accept this law and be happy, we can still own guns”. They
go back to sleep and wait for gun controls next move. It’s a
generalisation but how close is it? What is the result of this giving up
on the right to arms?


We ignore or don’t comprehend a right is not divisible or negotiable.
You cannot give away parts, some, bits, this, that or anything and still
have or value that right. We see ourselves or others impacted by theses
laws, some denied by expense, difficulty or inconvenience but denied.
Others will suffer the crime increase criminals given defenceless
victims take advantage of.


What is the value of our right to freedom, safety and life when it has
no value to the organisations we trust and then give our rights away? It
makes no difference if we are lucky enough to become an elitist and
still own some kind of firearm. We see others sacrificed and suffer and
know we stand alone. There is little or no value to those rights, less
than the valve caps on our vehicle tyres. A thief stealing our tyre
valve caps would be immediately opposed and apprehended. Our rights are
stolen from under our noses and we are to busy, don’t have time, have to
go shopping, don’t know what to do and 10,000 other excuses.


A right no matter how small a part that is abandoned without a fight
impacts on citizens in one way or the other. Removing rights, adding
cost or adding difficulty making firearm ownership that of the elitist
all serve to remove or limit who has those rights.


What is a right worth that is given to only a few or even some? These
few are survivors in self preservation mode who will sacrifice others to
remain an elitist.


Those impacted suffer unjustifiably and without comment or help from the
organisations or the elitists not wanting to spoil their chances of
continuing to own a firearm. The same organisations were supposed to
protect our rights and support us in our hour of need. Nobody mistakes
such sacrifice of members, supporters and potential supporters for
anything other than cowardice and abandonment when opposition and
fighting for those rights is the best option. No right has ever been
saved, returned or asserted by surrender, collaboration or appeasement.


No firearm organisation has a mandate or permission to reduce membership
or the pool of potential members. No firearm organisation has a mandate
or permission to deliberately endanger the public and their own claims
make them both aware and complicit of doing that.


Anyone who observes this abdication and dereliction of duty who is not
blinded by faith and belief will be disappointed, disillusioned and have
no faith they will receive any different treatment when it is their
turn. That has been true of every loss or step of loss of rights.


It can be truly said the worst enemy of the right to life, safety,
security and freedom is not gun control or rust, it is firearm
organisations who refuse to protect those rights they claim are valuable
and dear to them. Firearm organisations who indoctrinate and mislead
firearm owners to believe there is nothing they can do but accept
injustice and oppression without their influence and cowardice things
may well be different.


Would the ANC ever have collaborated with the NP on apartheid laws, it
would have been suicide for the rights the ANC protected and blacks
would still be under the NP jackboot. Our rights to life, safety,
security and freedom are no different. They do and always have depended
on arms ownership.