Effect of gun control laws on crime

Today we can see that crime rate is increasing without any limits. When a person moves out of his house there is no guarantee that he/she will return back safely. Kidnappers have started to initiate their activities by making use of guns to afraid the people. Most of the time robbery is done making use of guns which make the people to give what ever they are having. To stop all these activities legislature has passed gun control laws with a hope that the crimes will be stopped.

gun control laws

Keep in mind that, in most of the cases these activities are not done by the common people.  They will have a greater links to get the guns for their activities. Government has to find the personals who are sitting behind the scene of all these activities. After enforcing gun control laws most of the common man has lost the authority to keep the gun for their safety measures. This has made the criminals activities very easy and after the amendment of these laws, instead of crime rate going down, there was a further increase in the crime rate. Government has to keep in mind that the law will be obliged by the common man but not by the criminals. For not following the strict laws, they are called as criminals. So instead of making the common man handicap without the option of gun for their safety they have to find the reason behind all these activities.

As an example if we consider WashingtonDCwhere the gun control laws were amended in the year 1976, the next year the murder rates increased to the rate of 134%. When there is less opposition from the people there will be more crime. So government has to find the root cause for the criminal activities. Some of the crimes happen from the people to get money because of poverty. Some of them do it without knowing after getting drugs. So strict rules has to be made to empower the people with some money making work. They have to make strict rules on preventing drug transportation which not only decreases crime but also helps the teen students to improve in their education. Strict rules have to be made by not allowing the gun to get into the hands of teen students. They have to be made aware of the situations very well. Public should be given the option to have guns in their houses for the safety purpose instead of making them poor in crime situation by the gun control laws.