Introduction to laws for gun control – Read Now

Many people have discussed about the laws for gun control in the USA in recent years. For the local people living in the country, they may have heard that there are a lot of incidents in which people use the firearms in a wrong way. Although there are laws for gun control in the country, it seems that these laws are not very effective.

In different parts of the country, the efforts of controlling firearms usages would be different. InNew Jersey, the state has passed a straight set of gun control law in 1996. However, the crime rate did not drop. Instead, it increased a lot and the rate of robbery event increased twice.

InHawaii, harsh gun laws were passed in 1968. At that time, the rate of murder was quite low. But nine years after the laws were adopted to control firearm purchases and sales, the crime rate increased by three times.

InWashingtonD.C., the situation is not better indeed. In 1976, the state passed the gun control law which was a major one for the state. But the rate of murder went up to around 1.5 times of before even though the murder rate of the wholeUSAdropped.

In many other parts of the country, you can find similar trends of statistics. This type of statistic could provide insights that the effectiveness of the laws for gun control is in doubt. There are a lot of restrictions on people for buying and selling these guns. However, there are still a lot of crimes happening in the states and it seems that there are also a lot of other ways for people to commit crimes other than using the firearms.

In recent years, it is also the fact that large scale gunshots still happen in some parts of the country. A lot of innocent people were killed. There are still some people who could enter a university or college casually and use their guns to kill somebody that they dislike. This would not be a right thing that people expect with the existence of laws for gun control. In other words, many people are disappointed with the gun control laws nowadays and they want the government to do more in order to protect people in the country. This is something that the government should address properly or otherwise it would not be easy for the government to claim that it is protecting the life and safety of people.