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Different views of gun control statistics

When it comes to the gun control statistics people in the west and east look it in a different view. This is the main reason why Australians and American’s tell different stories of gun control. While Australians are struggling to get a gun for their self defense, the Americans are step ahead in getting the private gun. The different views led to the beginning of gun control debate among different people. All types of gun control information needs a perfect point of proof and should be seen from different angles by taking human nature, geographic location, origins of first settlers and predator risk into the account.

gun control statistics

Australians don’t give important to either gun or gun control because no threat in the border and in the island. After all people in Australiadon’t feel that the government is taking away any rights as people continue to live without any fear. This could be treated as one of the main causes why crime rate is declining is Australia. The situation is slightly different in America. The Americans share border with many other countries and there is always a threat and hence they need guns to self defense. Some reports on gun control statistics say Americans are behind the origin of guns some centuries back.

As per as United States is concerned gun control is always remains as a complex issue and is treated as one of the most frightened rights in the law of America. One important issue to be discussed is whether the citizens should carry weapons all the time with them or not. Another question related to gun control statistics is: is new amendment necessary to include automatic weapons? By carefully looking into the requirement and the present scenario you can decide whether automatic weapons are required or not all the time.

Over the years the laws of gun control are changed from restrictive to lenient. Owning of gun can be called as an individual right Instead of a collective right and the same thing was interpreted in the supreme court of USAin a landmark gun control case in 2008. As long as you have legal permission, you can use gun with in the restriction and no need to follow any gun control rule. The analysis of most of the gun control statistics says one thing in common that is ‘guns cause violence’ and you can’t trust them all the time.