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Gun control statistics – you must know

Gun control is a law or policy considered to restrict the production, importation, sale, possession and shipment of guns by the private citizens. Here guns generally refer to the long guns and handguns. The gun control statistics show that polices and laws made for gun control greatly vary from one country to the other. In countries like china very strict gun control rules are followed whereas in countries likeUnited States the rules are modest and any one can own a gun easily.

gun control statistics

In most of the countries gun control is a wide spread topic and people intervene between self control and gun ownership. Various studies claim that there exist a direct relationship between gun ownership and suicide rates. According to the reports submitted by Martin Killias in the year 1993 that covers more than 21 countries reveal that there is a strong relationship between gun oriented assaults against women and gun related homicide. The overall meaning of this statement is very clear that the increase in gun access results in more violence. The latest gun control statistics reveal that about 2.5 million guns are used every year as a matter of self defense. This count is also similar to the number of guns used by law abiding citizens to protect themselves from the criminals.

The gun control statistics released by the Nationalinstitute ofJustice authored by Jens Ludwig and Philip Cook clearly mention the figures used for self defense over the years and the percentage hike in its effects. Because of the guns the robbery is reduced by 3%, rape by 5%, murder by 8.5% and 7% reduction in the aggravated assault.

General facts

Generally the firearms are classified into 3 different types namely handguns, rifles and shotguns. Both shotguns and rifles are treated as long guns. Different firearms use different techniques. A semi-automatic firearm loads one bullet automatically when you pull the trigger whereas a fully automatic firearm loads continuous bullets. Even though people say different things the correct gun control statistics can be prepared only after the survey with at most accuracy. Some times knowing the actual information depends on number of factors and careful consideration of related aspects leads to the correct measurement of the data. Some experts believe that the careful consideration of federal measurements can effectively reduce the need for guns from all class of people. Some people also seek for the change in federal laws which are stagnant about the gun control.