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So Far Action On Obama Gun Control Policy

There are few issues that Barack Obama made his top agenda as soon as he became President of the United States of America. One of these was the gun control Policy. It was clearly mentioned by Eric Holder, his Attorney General that they were going to everlastingly reinstate ban on all assault weapons. These applied on weapons that have expired in year of 2004. This obama gun control policy is not something that took birth with the title of President on him. Instead, it has been a known fact that Barack Obama has always opposed the second Amendment. This amendment gives a person the right to both keep as well as bear arms. At the time of his election campaigns, he declared something else. He told to the people of America that he did not intend to take away anyone’s gun. In another news conference, he also made clear that no lawful gun keeping person needed to worry about anything. On obama gun control issue, President has been constantly evasive. It was in the year of 2008 that he stated ban of handgun went beyond the limits of the Constitution.

obama gun control

He even banned semiautomatic guns import as he thought that these aging rifles might be cause of many firearm accidents. He insisted that requirement of extensive reporting on these long guns sales was needed. However, nothing of much consequence has been done on this issue. Obama has expanded gun rights on the contrary. People can carry their firearms in Amtrak’s national parks. Both sides of people seem to be highly disappointed by Obama’s stance on obama gun control policy. In “State of theUnion” too, President decided to duck this very important issue. He is more concerned nowadays about matters of domestic policies unlike during the election campaigning.

Advocates of gun control say that the President can easily choose from number of options present in front of him that will help him in reduction of gun violence levels in the United States. These options can also save him from stepping unsafely on any political quicksand. It is a known fact that even most simple changes on obama gun control policy will see high-end criticism. On this same policy, gun lobby held a very hard line. According to them, any soft ground would give rise to tyranny.  According to them, one can have no restriction whatsoever on carrying guns. They have so far stuck with second amendment of the Constitution that gives right for carrying gun.