What is gun control debate?

The battle between personal freedom and public safety in America is termed as gun control debate. According to this debate, person cannot keep or bear arms. After the act of 1934, people were provided with this right. They can keep guns for the sake of safety and self-defense. A person can purchase fully automatic weapons and lethal guns after examining his family background. If he has a clean and good family background then he can keep any type of weapon for self-defense.

gun control debate

         In 1968, after the assassination of two important political persons, it becomes the rule to give serial number to every gun that will belong to the original owner of the gun. In1990’s, the sale of the guns to felons was completely prohibited. Further family background of the person is checked before selling him the gun.

It is very much interesting to note that some states have their own gun control legislation while the remaining states follow federal act of 1968. Hence we can say that there is complete check on gun control debate. Every state has its own level of restrictions on weapons. Most of the states don’t allow the people to carry guns or lethal weapons openly. Contrary to this, some states that have their own gun control legislation allows the people to carry their guns openly. As an example, New York has many restrictions in this regard Whereas Texas and Arizona is considered most relaxed states. One can easily carry his weapon openly in these states.

There is latest amendment in gun control debate. According to this amendment, sale of semi-automatic assault weapons is completely prohibited. This is done to ensure the safety of the citizens. Thus amendment was made in 1994, so no one can purchase any semi-automatic weapon that is manufactured after 1994. The supporters of this ban said that it helps in keeping assault weapons out of the street.

Most of the people think that selling gun to citizen increases the safety and self-defense level. Contrary to this, there are many people who think that carrying guns openly basically increases the crime rate and thus increases insecurity. Both the arguments in gun control debate are correct. So it is advised to reach the optimum solution of this problem by keeping the safety of people in mind. There should be a solution or act on which all states can compromise without any objection and hesitation.