Evaluating the Arguments about Gun Control

If we talk in general terms, then gun control is the effort made by governing bodies or state authoritarians to restrict or keep a check on the production, manufacturing, sale, purchase and usage of arms and ammunitions to ensure law and order and safety of the people. This is one issue in American politics which has always been debated on arguments about gun control, and always has been in the lime light.

Previously, possessing a gun use to be a part of American heritage reflecting their culture and also became style statement for the Americans. Their inclination with this culture reflected in their movies, television, music and various other creative forms such as art. Many films were based upon the theme of the so called ‘gun culture’. A good number of people in the US have seen the destruction and been victims of the crimes that happened by the abuse of fire-arms. Hence, they have been supporting the laws corresponding to the arguments about gun control and have been insisting the government to enforce them more strictly to lessen the chances of gun going into the hands of wrong people or children or young adults, so that the innocent people do not have to bear the brunt of fire-arms. Another important one of the arguments about gun control is that it will reduce the number of suicides.

On the contrary, there is a segment of population that does not believe in Government imposing laws over acquisition of gun. What they believe is that these rules will make an impact on the good citizens of the country who abide by law, but will not make any difference or exert pressure on the criminals.

No one should be de barred from owning arms for their self defense which is a constitutional right of the citizens .The crux of the story is, the legislations are not going to lessen the crime rate in any way. They also justify themselves by giving a counter arguments about gun control. Their own safety comes at stake when the laws prohibit themselves to own a gun. In their opinion, this will increase the rate of crime as guns will not be available and people will be inclined to indulge in illegal practices like smuggling or importing arms through illegitimate means. However, the enactment of these legislations depends on the political party in power, their affiliations, their collective ideas, standards of morality and experiences and sometimes for personal interest.