Gun Control Legislation- How people are embracing them

In the general terminology, ‘gun control‘ means the efforts of the government or the authoritarian body to keep a check on the selling-purchasing and using of the guns by the citizens within their jurisdiction area. The gun control legislation in one area is usually different from other. They encompass the sale, purchase, ownership, usage and the distribution. The examples of such laws are the Gun Control act which was passed in the year 1968 and National Firearms Act passed in 1934.

gun control legislation

A man named Richard Hofstadter had introduced a term ‘gun culture’ inAmerica, seeing the nation’s interest and inclination for fire-arms. To own a gun for self defense used to be a part of American traditions. This is still followed as a tenet in some parts, especially in the southern and western regions. It became a style statement among the people and its popularity made it films, music, television, museums etc. Hunting, an eminent sport in the US, also realizes the importance of gun.

Gun politics in the US has been in the lime light as it was one of the most controversial issues in the political history of America. For the past many years, the power holders in US have been debating over devising the gun control legislation availability of the fire arms and means to restrict them. This is the government’s duty to check the crime, maintain law and order and ensuring the safety and well being of its citizens.

The honorable Supreme Court of the USestablished the second amendments which protect the right of the individual to poses an ammunition for the purpose of self defense against foreign enemies, but it is a must to re affirm to use it within the boundaries of gun control legislation. The repeated rounds of polling stated revealed that a portion of the people believe that the laws give them the right to own a gun for their own protection, while the others wanted the laws at present to be more stringent and strict, which can avert the possible abuse of fire-arms. Not even half of the population supports the fact that the gun control legislation is effective enough to reduce violence in US. In the year 2k9, a significant percentage of people had voted to completely ban the use of firearms in the country. If the statistical facts are to be believed, then US tops the list of nations where people because of crimes with firearms.